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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are flights included in the price? No, flights are not included in the price. The retreat fees cover your room, programming (workshops and classes) and all meals except 2 dinners so we can go off-site, dress up, or have tacos in town!

How many people do you take on the retreat? We keep the group limited to 12 people max. We want to maintain a safe and intimate space for folks to get open and get the attention they need.

When should I arrive? The retreat starts on September 30th, saturday evening at 6pm. If you get into Cancun by 3-330pm at the latest, you can get to Tulum in time for our opening circle. It's okay if you come late, but try to find an earlier time. You can always come a day early hang out in Tulum and chill out!

When should I leave? The retreat ends on October 4th, wednesday morning around 11am. If you want to leave that same day, allow at least 2 hours to get to Cancun from Tulum. I would recommend flying out of Cancun no earlier than 4pm that Monday. I would also recommend staying an extra night or two after the retreat to take everything in and relax. The retreat can be intense for some and having that extra day or two to take it all in is worth it. We can provide plenty of information on where to stay in Tulum.

Where do I fly into and how to I get to Tulum? Tulum is about 1.5-2 hours south of Cancun. Everyone will fly into Cancun. Once we receive everyone's flight information, we set up car rides. The cost varies depending on how many people you split the ride with. Car rides are generally about $120 each way. The more people you split it with, the cheaper the ride will be :)

What should I bring? Tulum is very casual and low key. Bring lots of sunscreen, workout gear (2 changes a day) and bathing suits. Most of the workouts will be on the beach or barefoot in the studio. You may bring a pair of tennis shoes just in case we need to be indoors for a high impact workout.

Will there be wifi? Yes

Can I drink alcohol during the retreat? Yes! This is not a detox retreat and as long as you are mindful and practicing moderation, a cocktail at the end of the day or during your free time is A-OK.

How much extra cash should I bring? I highly recommend bringing anywhere from $100-$200 in cash in many small bills ($1s and $5s) for cab rides, the cenote, bike rental, tipping, and trinkets. Most places in Tulum will take credit cards, especially for any major purchases like spa visits and shopping.

Do I have to participate in everything? Ideally, you would participate in all activities, especially the workouts and workshops because that is how you will get the most benefit. There are days though, when people are exhausted or need some space from the intense emotional work. It is totally fine if you need to step away for a bit. As long as you are clear with the group about what you need and don't bring in any negative vibes, everyone will understand.

Huh? Emotional work? I thought this was a wellness retreat! Yes! SOfit is based on the belief that everything is conencted - from the physical to emotional, mental and spiritual. Not only are we coming together to flex our physical muscles, but we are also coming together to exercise our minds and hearts. We cannot get to the bottom of self sabatoge and change ourselves unless we dig deep into why and how!

What if I don't want to share? This may not be the retreat for you. I am not saying that you HAVE to share your deepest darkest secrets - it depends on what comes up for you during the retreat. But getting open and sharing with one another is a critical component of the SOfit retreat. It is one of the reasons why people leave Tulum a changed person. Because of the real, deep, genuine connections we make.

What if I get there and I start freaking out? Talk to me, I'm here for you. It has happened before and we always get through it.

Can I come with my brother? What about my mom? Can you get completely honest and open in front of your brother? Can you dig deep and be fully authentic in the presence of your mom? If yes, then come through!!

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Retreat: SOfit in sayulita, Mexico

October 5 - 12, 2018

Join Lillian in Sayulita Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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