Conscious Dating +
Manifesting Relationships Workshop


Learn what it means to date consciously. Learn how to set intentions, understand what it means to truly be in alignment with a partner, to share purpose, and how to identify needs to find the right partner for YOU.

Learn what it means to be in a healthy relationship (for you). How do you define a healthy relationship? Have you ever been in a healthy relationship? Identify co-dependency from the jump to avoid issues.

Learn the different attachment styles. avoid choosing the wrong partner. Learning about attachment styles can save you a lot of time. 

Find the right partner. How To date mindfully with respect for yourself and others.

Non-violent communication basics. Communication is the KEY to a long lasting, healthy relationship. 

Doing the work. What it takes to maintain a healthy relationship 

This workshop is great for but not limited to folks who are currently single. Anyone can benefit from this workshop.



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September 29- October 3, 2017

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