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Lillian is a natural healer, mystic, and intuititve. She has the ability to feel and see where energy is blocked in her clients, and "read between the lines". She applies practical and alternative tools to get to the heart of her clients concerns, issues, and desires. She is highly intuitive and uses Yoga Therapy, Chakra Therapy, NVC, Astrology, and Tarot as key tools to guide her clients towards the answers they seek.

Liillian uses a combination of emotional coaching, intuition, alternative tools, yoga therapy, and more to help her clients find what they really want.
She believes that this life is our design, and the first step to getting what we want is becoming absolutely clear on what we want.
Sometimes, we need alternative mediums to help us find what resonates.

Lillian knows that deepening self awareness, gaining clarity on what you want, or even getting closure can be a complex process.
This is why she loves to integrate alternative tools along with practical coaching and Yoga therapy to take the work to the next level.
Trust the process, you will find what you're looking for.


"She is so tuned in to me and knows how to read my energy and tailors the session for that day to give me exactly what I need to move forward."

- Sylvia S -

San Francisco, CA

"When I think about everything I've gotten out of working with Lillian, what stands out the most is how I truly believe she is the ONLY person who could have given it to me."

- Emily W -

San Francisco, CA

"Lillian has taken me out of my comfort zone both physically and mentally. It has challenged me to dig deep into who I am and who I want to be."

- Nicole T -

 San Francisco, CA

"A direct effect of my work with Lillian has shown through in how I feel about myself. I don't feel a black cloud hanging over my head."

- Marissa T -

San Francisco, CA

"Lillian's holistic approach to heath & wellness, mind-body-spirit connectivity, and fun are unparalleled to any other instructor I've had."

 - Christine E -

San Francisco, CA

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Retreat: SOfit in sayulita, Mexico

October 5 - 12, 2018

Join Lillian in Sayulita Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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