By using Lillian's movement, massage and especially her mindfulness techniques, we were able to give my wife the chance she needed to overcome the odds and me, the courage I needed to be supportive and present while we battled cancer.

- jeff b.

Change the way you look at therapy

Lillian is a natural born healer. Whether she applies physical movement, emotional coaching, verbal processing, or hands on bodywork, you will feel better from the inside out. She will help you connect the dots between your body, thoughts, emotions, and the bigger picture. Working with Lillian is an alternative to working with a traditional therapist.
Heal an injury, pain, trauma or loss. Ease anxiety, build relationships and feel happy.

Consider working with Lillian if you want to end depression, understand your self sabatoging patterns (and stop them), heal physical trauma, or strenghten weakness in the body. She will find a way to improve your ailments -  body, mind, or heart.
Lillian believes that physical pain may stem from emotional pain, or that emotional pain can come from negative mental patterns, etc.

There are *so* many ways pain can manifest in our body, mind, and heart.
Lillian understands there are many facets and complexities to each person and is committed to helping her clients feel happy, healthy, and whole.
You will feel better.




"In the midst of two eating disorders and bicoastal living, Lil helped me go from being an obsessive gym rat to a physically, mentally and spiritually balanced, aware, happy, stronger-and-leaner-than-ever self."

- Rachel K -

San Francisco, CA

"My ability & desire to move effortlessly has improved. The odd aches & pains I developed from traditional weightlifting are gone."

- Grace R -

San Francisco, CA

"First off, she completely got me back into my body. I was feeling disconnected, unmotivated, unattractive, etc. And here I am, 20 lbs lighter and much happier."

- Emma K -

San Francisco, CA.

"To say that she has changed my life for the better is an understatement."
- Marissa T -
San Francisco, CA

"If I walk into the workout with a tension headache or numbness in my fingers, Lillian would spend a few minutes trying to alleviate the issue before we move on to the main exercises."

- Sharon L -

San Francisco, CA

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Retreat: SOfit in sayulita, Mexico

October 5 - 12, 2018

Join Lillian in Sayulita Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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