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Change the way you look at coaching.

Coaching sessions with Lillian are a perfect blend of therapy, coaching, and taking action. She listens, reflects back, and asks lots of questions. She is attentive, sensitive, and empowering. Lillian feels the energy of every session and carefully meets her clients where they are. Sessions are completely personalized to suit your needs and communication style.

Lillian has a special gift for reading and understanding her client's needs. She has been studying non-violent communication for years and approaches the  challenges of each client with an open, non-judgemental heart. This creates a safe relationship for clients to honestly articulate and process some of the toughest situations and questions life may present.

Lillian is committed to her client's needs, happiness, and growth.
She will never tell you what do, but will ask the right questions to help you connect the dots and make the changes you need.
You will figure out what you want and most importantly, get to the bottom of your truth.


"She knows how to balance everything I need, and it's like a perfect cocktail of life coaching, therapy, and taking action and building new habits."

- Emma K -

San Francisco, CA

"Her demeanor is empowering, she won't judge me, but she also holds me accountable for taking care of myself."

- Claire F -

San Francisco, CA

"Thanks to Lillian, I feel more grounded and take better care of my health: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional."

- Melissa S -

San Francisco, CA

"For the first time in years, I feel like I am being heard by my business partners. I feel like I have earned the trust of upper level management and executives. I have truly become my most professional self, and am so happy in my career, which is definitely a first!"

- Marissa T -
San Francisco, CA

"I like to think of her as a "life coach," as she is wise beyond her years, has excellent, intuitive feedback, and personifies the definition of "healthy living."

- Michelle H -

San Francisco, CA

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Retreat: SOfit in sayulita, Mexico

October 5 - 12, 2018

Join Lillian in Sayulita Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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