Lillian is a full service fitness professional, Yoga Therapist, healer and coach. She is a relationship person with a holistic and integrative approach. Her goal is to be a safe space, providing the tools you need to connect the dots and make permanent change. Work with Lillian in the privacy of your own home with in-home visits. Skype and Face Time sessions are also available for virtual training and transformation coaching. Choose one path or integrate them all. It's your design.


  • 15 years health and fitness experience
  • Yoga therapy
  • coaching
  • intuitive guidance
  • so much more

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EXPERIENCE wholeness


Experience Gain


Experience connection


Experience Healing

Intuitive Guidance +

Experience stability

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Retreat: SOfit in Tulum, Mexico

September 29- October 3, 2017

Join Lillian in Tulum Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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