EXPERIENCE fierceness

Every Wednesday at 645pm w/DJ Bluz at Temple NightClub

*Please arrive early. doors close at class start time*

SOfierce is where we work on becoming fierce.

Connect to the sensation of power and will.

Burn massive calories. Become powerful and confident. Learn to kick ass.
Feel fierce.

Mostly hip hop, trap, bass, booty bass, club bangers, juke, dub, etc.
NO pop music unless it's remixed beyond recognition.

*SOfierce is never rehearsed or planned. This is an IRL (In Real Life) experience.

“My favorite program is SOfierce. The combination of the music, ambience, and killer workout is an experience you can't get enough of.” 

– Catherine G. –
San Francisco, CA.

"You don't feel like you are working out but you are burning so many calories!"

– Jana N. –
San Francisco, CA.

“Killer music (thanks to her DJ), crazy energy, and badass urban vibe. SOfierce and Lillian make me want to start clubbing again.” 

– Natasha P. –
San Francisco, CA.

"SOfierce is a hook, line and sinker - let's face it, you just don't beat working out in a club with a live DJ (shoutout DJ Bluz!)"

– Brianne C. –
San Francisco, CA.


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Retreat: SOfit in Tulum, Mexico

September 30 - October 4, 2017

Join Lillian in Tulum Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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