heal the past. share your struggles. end depression and experience support.

*mandatory participation and engagement is required


Heal pain, trauma, or loss. Ease anxiety, build healthy relationships, and feel happy.

Connect the dots between your body, thoughts, emotions, and bigger picture.​

You will dig deep with the community to get into some hard to reach places. Lillian will facilitiate weekly discussion and support you through any struggles that may come up. Witnessing that we are all in the same boat, trying to heal the same pains and gain the same wins, you will see massive results. End depression, understand your self sabatoging patterns (and stop them), heal physical trauma, or strenghten weakness in the mind and body. We will find a way to improve your ailments -  body, mind, heart.

*mandatory participation and engagement is required

"I honestly hate yoga, but her SOfluid class goes beyond yoga movements. I can't even explain how connected I began to feel, everything from my breath to my body and emotions. You have to experience it to understand how beyond this world her programs are."

- Lola D. -

San Francisco, CA

"If you like good, carefully curated bass-y music (read: NOT pop, NOT top 40), enjoying rhythm and spontaneous movement, and true FLOW.... try out SOfluid."

- Sonya Z. -

San Francisco, CA

"SOfluid is like smooth deep yoga mermaid movement. Each class is centered around music and vibes, and is really a whole experience in itself."

- Emma K. -

San Francisco, CA

"SOfluid taught me to love yoga - I have only been to a few yoga classes and they were never something I enjoyed."

- Brianne C. -

San Francisco, CA


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Retreat: SOfit in cabo, Mexico

October 3-10, 2020

Join Lillian in Cabo Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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