EXPERIENCE relationships

be part of a real, honest, authentic group of humans who want to see you thrive.

*mandatory participation and engagement is required


Connect with genuine people who are committed to improving their lives.

Open up. Get real and deep. Experience healthy relationships.
Feel supported.

We practice intentional participation and engagement. We actively work on being a reliable, healthy, supportive community because we see the positive benfits from putting in the work. What we learn in the SOfit community is designed to bleed out into your own personal life and communities. We want to send you out into the world to do extraordinary things and we believe that starts with practice and putting in work.
We are the container for that.
We move together, share our struggles, set goals, support each other, and celebrate wins. Positive results are guaranteed.

*Mandatory participation and engagement is required.

"SOdefined is a great class which integrates rhythmic movement and sculpting all set to an amazing soundtrack."

- Mischen C. -

San Francisco, CA

"She wants you to GET IT RIGHT so she really hones in on demonstrating, even being hands on with your own body to make sure you get the form proper"

- Aly C. -

San Francisco, CA

"I'd much rather go to the club to "lift" weights, aka move to music while holding weights to really sculpt your muscles."

- Brianne C. -

San Francisco, CA

"SOdefined is grounding solid weight work"

- Emma K. -

San Francisco, CA


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Retreat: SOfit in cabo, Mexico

October 3-10, 2020

Join Lillian in Cabo Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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