find your purpose. end the patterns. be comfortable in your own skin

*mandatory partcipation and engagement is required for results

Connect to your core desired feelings and needs. 

Completely change your life. Become open and fearless. Learn to let go.

Lillian is committed to your needs, happiness, and growth.
You will participate in "circle time", weekly facilitaion, homework, daily reflection, and recieve practical tools.
She will never tell you what do, but will ask the right questions to help you connect the dots and make the changes you need.
Lillian is committed to her student's needs, happiness, and growth.
You will figure out what you want and most importantly, get to the bottom of your truth.

*mandatory participation is required for results

"Lillian has a way of bringing movement out from the depths of ur soul."

- M. C. -

San Francisco, CA

"It was a truly unique experience -- didn't feel trendy, over-crowded, or too "fitness-y". It was mental, physical and soulful....that's the only way I can describe it."

- Andrea M. -

San Francisco, CA

"SOfree is transformational - this was the last class I tried and love how it complements the other three classes, combining movement with music to really open up your entire body after a long day of sitting at a computer."

- Brianne H. -

San Francisco, CA

"SOfree is tribal afrofunk goddess"

- Emma K. -

San Francisco, CA


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Retreat: SOfit in cabo, Mexico

October 3-10, 2020

Join Lillian in Cabo Mexico, for a Retreat in Paradise.

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