What do you value?

May 01, 2018

Happy May, everyone! Time is absolutely flying by. It'll be summer before we know it! I can't believe it is still light out at 8pm already and I am starting to make plans for my birthday, which is at the end of July!!

We have juuuust started to scratch the surface around Taurus themes in SOfit 3.0 and kicked off last week talking about "Taurus basics". Taurus wants to establish a sense of true meaning and value in life. They are motivated by practical, useful results. They want to truly enjoy themselves. I think one of the biggest Taurus lessons to learn is non-attachment... cuz you know, Taurus likes nice things :)

We spent all of last week talking about VALUES. 

We unpacked the topic of values from many different angles and really worked to get to the bottom of what our soul values most. We often get distracted by what other people tell us we should value. Society, our parents, friends, media - they all do their part in influencing our values. When we can get to the soul of our values, it really makes life much easier in many ways. We are less likely to get distracted by things that don't serve us and can manifest the abundance we truly want in our lives much more easily :)

Let's do the work.
grab your journal
  1. How do you personally define values? How do you define what is valuable?
  2. What is the most valuable thing you own?
  3. What are your most valuable possessions? 
  4. What do you like to collect? WHY?
  5. What did your parents value? WHY?
  6. What do you value most that is not a material good or possession? 
  7. What action steps can you take to bring more of this value into your life?

What came up for you? 

As we sat down and unpacked this work last week, everything boiled down to 3 major values for me. Security, ease/comfort, and connection. 

It is the reason why I work so hard and stay motivated to show up for my clients and students daily. I want to provide these things for myself and my family.

A few personal action steps to continue to bring more of this into my life include:

  • being in bed at 930pm every night
  • waking up at 530pm every morning
  • cooking all my meals M-F
  • handling some business backend stuff I've been putting off
  • home yoga practice 2x week
  • daily journal writing

After spending some time diving deep into meditation with the SOfit community last Friday, I felt the importance of these action items so deeply to my core (again). For me, I know these action steps will get me closer to bringing more of the valuable things to me into my life. These don't have to be your action steps, they are what came up for me. Spend some time in your journal and see what comes up for you! Your values are everything!

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