R I C H 

May 08, 2018


These are a few of the words the SOfit community came up with during our discussion last week around the topic of being RICH. Taurus season invites us to look at our relationship to abundance, materialism, wealth, and all things deliciously satisfying. Do you relate to these words? Do you feel rich? 

First, we explored how we define the word rich. We shared the words we associate with things that are rich and how we relate to richness in our personal lives. We explored all the negative narratives we have around wealth and abundance, the fears that come up around our own ability to be rich, and more. 

Abundance is something we tune into, and doing the work around our relationship to it is the first step to bringing more of it into our lives, especially when we feel that we do not have enough. There is so much we associate with abundance - for better and worse!     

Let's do the work to grow.
grab your journal
  1. How do you define rich?
  2. What are the words you associate with something that is rich?
  3. What are the negative stories you have around the rich?
  4. Do you have fears around being rich?
  5. How did youR parents talk about being rich? How did they relate?
  6. How would it FEEL if you were rich?
  7. What are some action steps you can take DAILY to feel this way?

I personally, LOVE talking about richness, wealth, abundance, and most importantly self-worth. I love exploring all my fears around it, all the shitty narratives I have accumulated, and all the ways I have been influenced by family, friends, and the media. I love knowing that I have the power to unravel all of these old stories and create new ones. 

We are continuing this work in SOfit 3.0 this week by digging deeper into our self-worth. THIS is where we really do the work around bringing more abundance into our lives. When we truly know our worth, we are able to attract exactly what we need and feel a sense of contentment and ease all at the same time. Stay tuned for next week's email where I will share some of the work we did around self worth!

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