i'm finally going to korea

I'm Finally Going To Korea

May 22, 2018

After alllll these years, I am finally going to the motherland. I head to the airport on Friday night and I'll spend 2 weeks in Seoul and Busan. My momma is from Seoul and my pops is from Busan. I am pretty sure I will not be sending you an email from Korea for the next 2 weeks, but I will definitely be updating on my Instagram stories, lol. I am thinking about vlogging every day while I am there, even if it's only for myself - would you be interested in following my adventures?

As you can imagine, this trip is kiiiiind of a big deal for me. My parents moved to the States from Korea many years ago and never went back. While growing up, they never really talked about Korea or attempted to take us there. I never thought it was weird. I never asked them to take us (my brother and I), and I never felt the urgency to go. I always felt pretty connected to my culture, I can speak and read Korean fluently, and I grew up with pretty traditional Korean parents. I figured there was no rush and I'd eventually make it out there. 

But obviously, it's me.... so you know it's deeper than that, LOL. I may have grown up feeling connected to my culture and language, but I had a hard time feeling a sense of belonging and connection with Korean Americans all the way through college. I realize now that it was a very specific group of Korean Americans from a very specific geographical area and era of my life that created this experience for me. I have met plenty of amazing Korean Americans throughout my life, but those wounds from the past were always there.

I have been consciously working through these pain points and seriously addressing these issues for a little while now. This is what triggered me to be interested in working with the Korean American community in the past couple years. It's all part of me wanting to heal my relationship with Korean Americans - and it's working.

I entered 2018 knowing that I wanted to visit Korea this year. All that stuff I shared in my email from a month ago about winning the first ever Bay Area Korean American Community Solve-A-Thon last month wasn't planned. That was all part of my intentions unfolding and manifesting organically. 

I randomly got an email in February about the first ever Bay Area Korean American Community Conference. I put it on my calendar to attend in March. I won the Solve-A-Thon in April, and I attended the Korean American Community Foundation's Gala a couple weeks ago to walk on stage and receive my award. I have been slowly building a community over these past couple months and I am healing. I feel connected. I feel accepted. I am authentic and true to myself in all the ways I show up with them. 

All of this has happened in the few months leading up to my first trip to Korea. The power of intention and clarity is such a powerful thing. I have no expectations for my first trip to Korea. My only intention is to eat everything, buy all the socks and skincare I can fit into my luggage, and have ALL THE FUN.

Stay connected with me through Instagram @sofitsf during my trip! I'm sure I will be sending an email with updates from my visit after I return in June. I also know that this is only the first of many visits to come in the future. We are already talking about a SOfit retreat in Seoul in 2019!

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