Clearing and Upgrading

July 16, 2019
clearing and upgrading

Clearing and upgrading... These are the two words that are coming up for me with this eclipse season. Today is the full moon eclipse in Capricorn (authority, career, boundaries) and we are a full week into Mercury retrograde (communication, contracts, agreements). It is the last full moon eclipse of the year and I see it as an incredibly important time to grow and evolve. 

Every eclipse, moon cycle, and retrograde hits us in different ways. Some are more dramatic and some pass through with little or no ripple effect at all. As you may already know, I use astrology as a tool to help me get in touch with what is going on energetically and make sense of things when shit hits the fan. During eclipses and certain retrogrades, it's really important to pay attention!!

Whether you "feel" anything or not at the moment, pay attention to what is going on in your life. Things that happen during eclipses have the potential to change the trajectory of your life forever. They are a time for clearing, shedding, ending, and cutting things out of your life. Eclipses also make room for upgrades. You have to cut something out to bring something new in, right?

Retrogrades are a time for review and renewal. Slow down and reassess the shit out of everything. Now is not a time to make big moves and sign brand new contracts. Now is a time to go back and look at everything again.

Personally, this eclipse and retrograde period (through the end of July) is bringing in a wave of clearing energy into my psyche and life I haven't felt in a little while. Things are shedding and ending in various ways and I know this is all happening so I can ultimately upgrade my life too. I am reassessing and reflecting on how this new space will allow me to upgrade my time, my energy, the people I work with and the work I do. 

Are you experiencing anything like this?

Is there something that is getting cleared or cut out of your life?
How is this creating room or perspective for you to upgrade your life?
Are you ready to upgrade your life?

What is your life presenting to you at the moment?
What are the things that are coming up?
Relationships ending? Old ones coming back?
Unexpected news? Radical changes? 

Write your thoughts down. Free write in your journal. Call your friends and ask for support.
Keep dreaming and know that the Universe is always working in your favor.
Trust the process. You got this.


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