Look back at it to leap forward...

March 27, 2018

What was coming up for you last December? What were you thinking about at the end of 2017? What were some goals, dreams, and ideas you had for the new year? What did you commit to and want to focus on as we entered 2018? December was the last time Mercury was retrograde. We entered the first Mercury retrograde of the year last Thursday. It goes direct on April 15th. 

I like to think of Mercury retrogrades as a time for checks and balances. I consider it an opportunity for growth as it is a time for us to "go back" on a lot of things in order to leap forward. We always need to reflect, refocus, recommit, reassess, and retreat in order to launch into the next big thing. 

We are getting ready to enter the 2nd trimester of SOfit 3.0 on April 1. This is a perfect opportunity for all of us to look back at all the dreams and goals we had when we started the first term, back in December. We've been looking back at our journal entries from our December vision boarding session and setting intentions around how we want to recommit and refocus. 

Let's do the work 
grab your journal
  1. What was going on in your life back in December of 2017?
  2. How did you feel? What was your emotional and mental state?
  3. What were you wrapping up or getting ready to start in January?
  4. Did you make any commitments or big decisions for the new year?
  5. What do you want to recommit to as we enter Q2 of the year?
  6. Where do you want refocus your energy? 
  7. What do you need in order to make this happen?
  8. How can you set yourself up for success?
  9. What action steps are you willing to take?
  10. How do you want to FEEL by summertime?

We go inward every single day in SOfit land because we know that the real answers, clarity, and true happiness lives within. Asking ourselves simple reflection questions like this help us get in tune with our soul calling. 

You know what else helps us get in tune with our soul? 
Being loved by a dope ass community made for this shit :)

SOfit classes are open to the public for the rest of this week while we take new applicants for the 2nd term of 3.0. We have a few spots left and always looking for people who want to commit to doing the work to become healthy, happy, and whole. The 2nd term runs from April 1 - July 31st. 

If you're serious about getting your life together, commit to the work and transform with us. Participate in daily small group classes and experience life coaching, therapy, and community support for long term success in an affordable, safe, authentic container. 

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