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March 20, 2018

Haaaaappppy Aries season! Any Aries people in the house? We are officially in Spring, and Aries kicks off the beginning of the zodiac year! Get ready to spring forward, take action, and get energized for the next season! If you feel a little slower than you'd like this week and not really feeling that Aries fire, it is probably because the first Mercury retrograde of the year is upon us. Mercury retrograde starts this Thursday. Tie up loose ends, file your taxes, keep your boundaries, take care of yourself like crazy and be extra careful of all your technologies! Double check EVERYTHING before hitting send :)

With all that said, there is no need to stress! Retrogrades give us a chance to take inventory of our lives, slow down, reassess, and reinvigorate old projects and lost connections! Don't be surprised if ex-boyfriends and ghosts from the past come knocking on your door either... it's all par for the course, hehe....

How have you been holding up so far in 2018? We are winding down the first trimester of SOfit 3.0 and KILLING it!! Our community is feeling grounded, stepping into leadership roles, getting raises, shifting titles and setting boundaries at work. We are transforming from the inside out - and in more ways than one! We have THREE pregnancies (so far) this year!!! 

Our community is getting healthy, happy, and apparently fertile as fuck, LOL.
Well, that's what happens when you do the work! I mean, pregnancy can be one side effect if that's what you're going for, lol.... but what I mean is that people are transforming and becoming creators of their lives. We are manifesting our dreams in all the ways. It's so beautiful!

Is SOfit 3.0 right for you?
if you answer YES to more than 10 of these statements, 
apply today!!
  1. You want to lose weight.
  2. You want to change your body and feel good about it. 
  3. You want a community that supports growth and positive change. 
  4. You want a community of like-minded ppl who are totally different from you. 
  5. You need a safe space to work your baggage out.
  6. You want to feel completely accepted, seen, and heard.
  7. You want a mentor, a life coach, a trainer, a therapist, and friends. 
  8. You want to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.
  9. You want healthier relationships and find a partner.
  10. You want to learn effective communication.
  11. You are ready to heal the past.
  12. You want to understand your shitty cycles.
  13. You want to stop your shitty cycles.
  14. You want to rewrite your story.
  15. You want to stop comparing yourself to others.
  16. You want to trust your intuition.
  17. You want to develop a healthy relationship with food. 
  18. You want to sleep better at night.
  19. You want to reduce stress.
  20. You want to be happy as fuck

Our doors are open for the next 2 weeks for public drop-ins! If you are interested in doing the work with us over the next 4 months, please come visit us! Find out what the hype is, feel the vibe, and see for yourself if our community is a good fit for you. We have classes every day. M-Th evenings at 630pm and Friday mornings at 7am. They are all in SOMA, SF. 

Enrollment is open through the end of the month and we have room for a few more folks who are willing to commit and invest in doing the work with us. We have 3 remote spots available for those who may be interested in hopping on the remote program with us. Basically, you get all the benefits of doing the work with our community and you can be anywhere in the world! 

3.0 stays fairly small (~20 people) so we can keep an intimate and safe vibe to dig deep. This is where I bring my 1:1 work into a group setting for an affordable, community experience. Think personal training, life coaching, therapy, and all things witchy rolled into a one stop shop... and it comes with a built in community of the realest, most loving people COMMITTED to doing the work to be happy, healthy, and whole. We are the ultimate accountability partner and want to see you thrive. We are invested in you too.

You will not find this anywhere else. Join us.
You deserve to have everything you want <3

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