Old wounds, projection, and correction. 

February 27, 2018

Oh Pisces season, I love you so much. There is so much work we can do around Pisces shadow themes and we are digging into alllll of them this month in SOfit 3.0. We spent two days specifically talking about our old wounds and how they show up through projection in our day to day lives. 

You've probably heard the saying, "When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.". This reminds me of something I saw on one of my therapist/mentors wall back in the day. It said, "mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all"... LOL, it's so true! 

We all have wounds. We all have our baggage, our traumas, our shit, our stories. When many of these wounds go unresolved and never faced head on, it is easy to end up projecting these wounds onto others without even realizing it. As a matter of fact, I believe we are all constantly projecting, all the time. We project our wounds, our beliefs, our values, our stories, our upbringing. The list goes on. It is so important to do the work and get woke around our wounds and how they show up in our behaviors so we can stop projection in it's tracks. 

Let's do the work 
grab your journal
  1. What are your wounds? What still hurts? What are you sensitive to? What's a sore spot for you? What triggers you easily?
  2. How do you project it? How do you replay it? How do you act out on it? How does it effect your relationships?
  3. What are some assumptions you make based on these wounds? 
  4. What are some conclusions you jump to based on these wounds?
  5. How can you stop projection in it's tracks? What are some action steps you can take to stop yourself from making assumptions and jumping to conclusions?

We are just starting to scratch the surface on these themes in 3.0 and I hope these journaling questions can help you do the same. I always tell my students that I don't expect us to come to any final conclusions or completion through these writing sessions. This helps us uncover some old wounds we may not realize we act out on. This helps us get woke around our baggage so that we can stop projection in it's tracks. From there, we can work to correct the course and re-write our stories. And that's the best part! Pisces magic can manifest and create anything! Unpack, uncover, correct, and re-write your story starting today <3

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