Do you feel free?

January 30, 2018

January is coming to an end already! We are one month into the new year. We are half way through the first trimester of SOfit 3.0 and we are committed to taking action. We've been digging around to discover more about ourselves and learn our blind spots. We've been pushing ourselves to be more open and vulnerable every single week.

Last week, I sent an email talking about community, who you roll with, and the circles in your life. We are continuing the conversation around this theme this week in 3.0 land.

Last night in SOfree, we talked about being consistent in all our circles. Are you the same person in all your circles? Are you the same person at work as you are with your childhood friends and adulthood friends? Obviously you're not gonna talk about certain things with co-workers that you only share with your partner, or things you share with your bestie with your boss. What I'm talking about is being consistently yourself at the core. I believe this consistency leads to freedom. You don't have to wear any masks or put up any fronts when you are always the same person. That, is incredibly freeing.

I also asked us to reflect on the question -- Are you free? If you think about your role in all your circles, from work to friends.. do you feel free? Do you freely express yourself, give yourself freely and have an open mind and heart with all your circles? Or do you hold yourself back and only give parts of yourself to one group and other parts to another?

Let's do the work.
grab your journal
  1. Who are your friends/communities?
  2. Do you feel free in these circles?? Do u feel free in relation to the world at large? Do you freely give and express yourself?
  3. Where do you hold yourself back?
  4. WHY? What do you tell yourself?
  5. What do you need to work on?

Like last week, these are the exact same questions I asked my students in class last night. I would like to share more of what we are doing in the 3.0 so you can have a better idea of the kind of work we are doing together. Yes, we still do the sweaty workouts, but we are also digging deeper into our desires, exploring the stuff that's hard to talk about, and most importantly, healing. 

To feel free is one of the ultimate goals in life, don't you think? If you do not feel free in the world, you are probably not living in your full glory and expression. What would it look like if you let go and was completely yourself, consistent at the core of who you are with all your people? What would it look like if you give and receive freely?

I feel very free in my circles (bubbles), but I know that I can close off the rest of the world in many ways. I get so laser focused on my day to day, my clients, students, inner circles, etc... it actually takes away from feeling more free out in the world. I would really like to shift that this year. I want to smile more at strangers, let myself be more open in social settings, and be a little more available. Of course I will always be mindful of boundaries and how I spend my energy, but this is my intention for the year. 

Did anything come up for you reading this?
You are always welcome to give me a shout anytime and comment below!

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